Bishop of the Arctic on Lambeth 2022

Bishop of the Arctic on Lambeth 2022

David Parsons, the Bishop of the Arctic in the Anglican Church in Canada was one of the few Canadian bishops to not support the revisionist line at Lambeth 2022.

Despite struggling with a bout of Covid contracted after his arrival in England, Bishop Parsons shared his thoughts with the English Churchman.  Parsons is known for speaking his mind and is as direct as a former Church Army officer would be.

In my opinion one side and one side only ran the show and that was the revisionists. 

“In an attempt to appease Global South and those of us who are orthodox, the Archbishop of Canterbury basically said there was a time when resolution 1.10 was put forward and that fact remains …but the actions yesterday has completely walked over and replaced resolution 1.10.”

Bishop Parsons continued, 

“How will we pass on the faith of the Bible if its authority is in question by our elders? 

“We Anglicans look to three inter-dependent sources of authority: Scripture, reason, and tradition. 

“Yet the formidable roaring voice of a  powerful coalition: liberal theologians, secular media and pop culture have called the Anglican Communion to join them in standing together in opposition to scripture, reason and tradition. 

“When it comes to human identity the Lambeth Conference of Bishops has chosen to follow the authority of that coalition. God help us!”