Former Liberal Democrat Leader’s Remarks on the Death of Queen Elizabeth

Former Liberal Democrat Leader’s Remarks on the Death of Queen Elizabeth Tim Farron (Lib-Dem), MP for Westmoreland and Lonsdale spoke from the floor of the House of Commons to express his thoughts on the late Queen Elizabeth. The day after her untimely demise he...

Queen’s Choice of Hymns and Scripture Readings

Queen’s Choice of Hymns & Scripture Readings Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth demonstrated the depth of her faith and understanding of the scriptures and hymnody when planning her funeral.  The hymns were melodic works of substance, truth, and comfort designed for...

Church Leaders and Parliamentarians Pay Tribute

Church Leaders and Parliamentarians Pay Tribute In a statement given shortly after the announcement of the Queen’s death, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said: “As we grieve together, we know that, in losing our beloved Queen, we have lost the person whose...

Keene Review: God’s Church for God’s World Part One

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The Faith of the Queen; A Cleric’s Reflections

The Faith of the Queen A Cleric’s Reflections As far as we know, Queen Elizabeth II commended only one book published during her long reign. In 2016 she penned the Foreword to a volume produced jointly by the Bible Society, HOPE and the London Institute of...

Collins: The Elizabethan Settlement

The Elizabethan Settlement By Revd Canon Chuck Collins Queen of England for 44 years, Elizabeth died March 24, 1603. She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, the last of the five monarchs in the House of Tudor. She never married ("Virgin Queen"). Her coffin...

Pilgrim’s Process: Rebuke

Pilgrim’s Process By the Revd Dr Peter Sanlon Rebuke In the fifth century some monks in France realised that Augustine’s theological writings commended a Biblical and God focused vision of the Christian pilgrimage. Augustine has been called the ‘Doctor of grace’ for...

Anglican Bishop of Norwich Joins in Roman Catholic Requiem Mass for The Queen

Anglican Bishop of Norwich Joins in Roman Catholic Requiem Mass for The Queen Church of England Bishop of Norwich, Graham Usher joined in a Roman Catholic Requiem Mass for Her Majesty The Queen at St John’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Norwich on 15 September.   Roman...

The Queen’s Faith in Her Own Words

The Queen’s Faith – in Her Own Words Its formal name was ‘Her Majesty’s Most Gracious Speech’. To the royal household, it was known as the QXB – the Queen’s Christmas broadcast. Queen Elizabeth II spoke about the significance of Christmas to more people than anyone...

Anglican Futures: A Cure for the Lambeth Hangover?

Anglican Futures Commentary A Cure for the Lambeth Hangover? As the bishops of the Anglican Communion disembark from their flights and return to their dioceses, there is a danger that some will rub their eyes, and realise that however great the party was, there has...

170 Bishops Affirm “Holiness” of Same-Sex Love

170 Bishops Affirm “Holiness” of Same-Sex Love

170 bishops from within the Anglican Communion signed a document supporting same-sex marriage and other issues promulgated by the LGBT community.  This means 480 of those bishops in attendance did not sign.  Over three hundred bishops chose to not attend the Lambeth Conference.  Of all Anglican bishops within the Communion roughly 800 were in disagreement.  Those bishops in favour of the letter of support were from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Wales.

Jayne Ozanne, member of the General Synod and Director of the Ozanne Foundation which lobbies on behalf of LGBT issues said on social media, 

“It is unprecedented to have such a powerful affirming statement recognising the validity of same-sex love from so many bishops across the Communion. I have been overwhelmed with the level of support and concern that there has been for the global LGBT+ community.  We now need to look at practical ways to help educate people about matters of sexuality and gender identity, and to share the theological basis that has led so man to affirm and celebrate same-sex relationships.”

107 of the 170 signing bishops were from The Episcopal Church USA. The next biggest group were from the Anglican Church of Canada with twenty-three signatories.  Seventeen signers were from the British Isles:

Church of England:

Bishop Wilson, Oxford

Bishop Hamid, Europe

Church of Ireland

Bishop Colton, Cork

Bishop Burrows, Tuam & Limerick

Scottish Episcopal Church

Bishop Person, Glasgow & Galloway

Bishop Swift, Brechin

Bishop Dyer, Aberdeen & Orkney

Bishop Armes, Edinburgh

Bishop Riglin, Argyll & The Isles

Bishop Paton, St Andrews, Dunkeld, & Dunblane

Primus Bishop Strange

Church in Wales

Bishop Vann, Monmouth

Bishop Penberthy, St Davids

Bishop Cameron, St Asaph

Bishop Osborne, Llandaff

Bishop Stallard, Bangor

Archbishop Andy Johns