Letter: Play-actors will be Exposed

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

Your work must be very stultifying these days.  Despite the glorious joy that comes with reporting on the advance and the proclamation of the gospel, you find yourself having to report so very frequently on the public failures of our Anglican leaders to live up to their ordination and consecration vows.

It has to weary your soul but it is necessary.  We need to know where and when they fail and we laity need to be better about holding them to account in the ways given to us.  We should all be like Sam Margrave.

That said, take heart.  Their repeated and intentional failures will not stand.  Someday, may it be sooner rather than later, Jesus will deal with those who are not real shepherds of his sheep.  The play-actors will be exposed and Jesus will be properly proclaimed and exalted.  

Until then, we plod ahead doing our feeble best while trying to keep our eyes on Jesus.


B. Douglas