GAFCON Chairman Calls Welby to Repentance

GAFCON Chairman Writes Directly to Archbishop of Canterbury

Calls on Welby to Lead in Repentance and Return to Apostolic TeachingpastedGraphic.png

August 21, 2022 

The Most Reverend and Right Honorable Justin Welby
Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of All England and Metropolitan Lambeth Palace
London, England SEI 7JU 

Your Grace,
Greetings in the Name of Christ Jesus our Lord! 

I assume that you have heard by now of the creation of the Gafcon extra-provincial diocese in Australia called the Diocese of the Southern Cross, and Archbishop Glenn Davies’ appointment as the bishop. I am writing to remind you that this action is not done because of rebellion or defiance, but out of a genuine pastoral concern and care for the clergy and congregations whose consciences will not allow them to go along with the unbiblical and immoral practices allowed and encouraged by bishops of the Anglican Church of Australia. As Archbishop Rowan Williams encouraged a structure in North America so “we can keep these fellow Anglicans in the fold,” we will continue to offer safe harbor for those in Provinces whose leaders walk away from the moral teaching of the New Testament, the Church Fathers, and our Anglican heritage. 

Some may unfairly slander us as schismatics, but you know that in reality it is those who depart from the established teaching of the Church who are causing the division (Epistle of Jude 18, 19). I implore you to call us all to repentance and to return to the Apostles’ Teaching of the Bible. 

In Christ Jesus, 


The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach Chair, Gafcon Primates Council