Trinitarian Bible Society AGM Report

Trinitarian Bible Society

Report of the Annual General Meeting

By Joel Sayers

The Society held its 191st AGM at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London on Saturday 17th September 2022. Over 200 members, supporters, volunteers, and staff gathered to give thanks to Almighty God for sustaining the work of the Society through another year.  

The business meeting was conducted by the Chairman, Pastor GD Buss, and included reports from the Society’s Directors. We heard much to encourage us, including the number of translation projects currently being undertaken, some of which have come to their conclusion over the past year, others which are still a work in progress and several which have only recently commenced.  Much emphasis was placed on the need for the Lord’s sustaining grace in this vital work, and how so many of those working in translation do so remotely in what is often a lonely path. Mention was made of some translators who had passed from time into eternity in recent years, the baton passing to others to continue and take the work to its conclusion, if the Lord will.  

The detailed financial position of the Society was given in the Annual Report which was available on the day, and thanks were given for increased levels of sales and other income, further strengthening the Society’s resources following several more challenging years. The task of the distribution of the Word of God remains a key part of the Society’s work, and the multiple channels through which this is done were outlined, particularly grants to prisons, schools, care homes and missionary organisations reached through the work of the Society’s branches and auxiliaries amongst others. Particular mention was made of the 40,000 Platinum Jubilee edition Bibles which had been quickly exhausted primarily through free distribution to school pupils. A warm letter from the late Queen was read expressing thanks for the gift of a copy of this commemorative Bible. Gratitude was expressed for the valuable work of volunteers who so ably assist in the Society’s work in this area.   

The much-anticipated Spanish Bible revision project is due to be completed in November, if the Lord will, the culmination of over a decade’s work. A verbal report about the hunger for the Word of God in Latin America and distribution efforts was given in Spanish by Dr Julio Benitez (President of a Reformed Seminary in Colombia) and translated into English for the benefit of those in the meeting.  

After a break for lunch, a service of worship was held. Rev David Campbell, Minister of the Edinburgh congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland preached from Psalm 45 v 3&4:

‘Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O most mighty, with thy glory and thy majesty. And in thy majesty ride prosperously because of truth and meekness and righteousness; and thy right hand shall teach thee terrible things’. It emphasised Christ’s effectual use of the sword of the Word in the extension of His kingdom.