PEV for Anglo-Catholic Parishes in York Named

Provincial Episcopal Visitor for Anglo-Catholic Parishes in York Province Named

The Revd Stephen Race SSC has been chosen to become the Provincial Episcopal Visitor in York Province as Bishop of Beverly.  Currently at Barnsley, Race has served 17 years in the Diocese of Leeds.  The bishops in the Anglo-Catholic, Society of the Holy Cross (SSC) made the announcement on 12 October.

Bishop Tony Robinson, Bishop of Wakefield said of the appointment, “Fr Stephen has served faithfully and with distinction in a variety of roles in the Wakefield Episcopal Area over the last seventeen years.  He has demonstrated that he has much to offer the Church and I am sure this will continue when he becomes a bishop ministering to Society parishes across the Northern Province.”

Race’s consecration to the episcopate is scheduled to take place on St Andrew’s Day in York Minster.  The announcement was signed by the bishops of the Society, Robinson of Wakefield, North of Burnley, Warner of Chichester, Baker of Fulham, Hazlewood of Lewes, and Banks of Richborough.

PEVs or Flying Bishops do not possess jurisdiction over the parishes in their care but are dependent upon the good will of the diocesan bishops in which member parishes are located.