Letter: Church Society Covenant

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

The declaration for members of  Church Society is fundamentally flawed and is in reality a rehash of the Reform covenant.

Whilst proclaiming Biblical perspicuity it sidesteps the great Anglican evangelical divide on divorce.

This is because two opposing groups within conservative evangelicalism have a different interpretation of scripture.

Carefully worded, it is self deceptive. For how can witness be made to the homosexual community when those opposing same-sex unions cannot agree what constitutes heterosexual marriage.The questions did our Lord make marriage an indissoluble union.

So rather than state this …it is described  as a life long monogamous union between persons of the opposite sex. However divorce and remarriage are quietly dropped.

Subscribers to this declaration can make their own minds up as to what Scripture states.

The fact no adulterer will enter God’s Kingdom is not answered


Robert Ian Williams

Bangor is y Coed