Melville-Knox Christian School Opens in Aberdeen

Melville-Knox Christian School Opens in Aberdeen

Melville-Knox Christian School Aberdeen officially opened on Monday 7th November after years of prayer, planning and organisation. We give thanks to the Lord that we have been able to reach this significant milestone; but this is also simply the beginning of a significant mountain to climb in relation to Christian education in our country.

Planning for the school initially began in 2019, led by Pastor John-William Noble of Grace Baptist Church Aberdeen with leaders and members of other Confessionally Reformed churches in the city. This gained further momentum when a partnership with Melville-Knox Christian Schools was established, and a board of directors was formed.

Despite much initial progress, which included securing Grace Reformed Church as a likely building for the school and setting up a parents’ information event to gauge interest in this proposal, the escalating concerns about COVID-19 led to the cancellation of the event  that had been scheduled for March 2020. The subsequent months proved to be very quiet but the work of the board continued, to establish the necessary foundations for a Christian school.

The parents’ information event finally took place at the end of 2020, and a list of prospective parents who expressed an interest or a definite desire to enrol their children in the school was compiled. This list grew in the following months with many parents enquiring about the school. A formal application to register the school with Education Scotland was submitted, and initial approval was granted pending the appointment of a teacher. The following year proved greatly challenging but by God’s grace, in the summer of 2022 a full-time teacher was employed. Following approval from Education Scotland, in early Autumn the preparations intensified, leading to the opening in November.

Despite the vast numbers of prospective parents contacting the school, and the ongoing alarming direction of state education, the initial take-up of places has been slow. The lack of urgency, Biblical teaching and application amongst churches, her leaders and Christian families is certainly a great concern and pressing need in our nation. 

Nevertheless, the beginning of this school is a major milestone and something Melville-Knox Christian School Aberdeen give thanks to God for. Our prayer is that a generation would rise being shaped and governed by a worldview grounded in God’s Word, knowing the saving power of the Gospel, to the Glory of our Great and Mighty God.

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