Letter: Not All Doom & Gloom

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

I have been an English Churchman reader for over 26 years.

It has changed a lot now from what it used to be.  A lot of my non-conformist’s friends used to read it, but now it is a purely Anglican newspaper – they do not.  EC is good, but now it is what l call – a Technical Anglican Newspaper largely dealing with the battle against apostasy in Church and Nation.


Now l know that these things have to be dealt with, this is an ongoing battle.  But it seems now the whole paper is given over to this and it does make for heavy reading.  Things may not get better in the  Church hierarchy and Nation? We have to consider where we are on the end times clock, and if this is all we concentrate on, life will seem grim.


Yet you know it is not all doom and gloom.  I would suggest to youthat in every English Town with a population maybe over 40,000, there is one or more Anglican-Evangelical Churches doing a superb job of reaching out to the local population and supporting missions abroad.  So what l am suggesting?  One page every issue devoted to what the Church in the Third World and suffering Church are doing.

And one page in every issue devoted to the work that Anglican-Evangelical Churches and Evangelical Missions are doing in Britain.  That will lighten the mood and give people many things to pray about.  Apostasy is only one side of the coin – the other side is what God is doing.

Philip Hoskins