Church Society’s Response to MP Ben Bradshaw

Church Society’s Response to MP Ben Bradshaw

In the aftermath of Desmond Tutu’s daughter being refused permission to preside at a funeral in a Church of England parish, Labour MP Ben Bradshaw told The Guardian that the “C of E must move swiftly to welcome lesbian people and embrace same-sex marriage or face mounting questions in parliament about its role as the established church in the country.”

The Director of Church Society, the Revd Lee Gatiss responded succinctly, 

“Let the Church be the Church! It’s not our job to simply baptise the latest devices and desires of our own hearts, but preach the good news of Jesus. The role of the Church of England is not to reflect back to England its own cultural and sexual desires and somehow bless those. As Martin Davie rightly says: “The role of the Church of England is to minister the saving work of Jesus Christ to the people of England through the preaching of the Word, the celebration of the sacraments, and the provision of pastoral care, in order that they may have the opportunity to repent, believe, and live a godly life in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that they may enjoy a right relationship with God in this world and spend a blessed eternity in God’s presence in the world to come.”