Ten Thousand Bibles for London’s Children

TBS Auxiliary Meets

Ten Thousand Bibles For London’s Children

The Greater London Auxiliary of the Trinitarian Bible Society was delighted to report at its Annual Meeting held on 15 November that over 10,000 Bibles have been distributed to London schools since the auxiliary was formed in December 2019.

London is one of the world’s highest ranking cities in many respects yet there are millions of people here who know very little of the Lord Jesus Christ. This has the most tragic effect upon all people, including children, so it is particularly wonderful that so many children are receiving free Bibles.

It was most fitting that the Annual Meeting was held at Brixton Tabernacle. Brixton has had a reputation for trouble but is now typically very peaceful and is full of churches, some with very bold signs proclaiming salvation. 

The Trinitarian Bible Society has had auxiliaries for many years, but recently has encouraged the formation of regional auxiliaries to distribute free Bibles and other Scripture items to schools, hospitals, care homes, and prisons. The Greater London Auxiliary was formed as an expansion of the work of the Croydon, Bromley and Brixton Auxiliary. 

While some hospitals and care homes have accepted free grants of Bibles, New Testaments, and other Scripture items such as bookmarks and calendars, the bulk of the auxiliary’s effort has centred on schools. Two volunteers have been writing to schools, and this has been followed up with presentations of Bibles with short talks to pupils about the Bible.

Interest in requesting Bibles has been stimulated by the offer of special commemorative Bibles such the Platinum Jubilee Bible, which was so soon followed by a Bible marking the reign of Elizabeth II. The Society hopes to produce a commemorative edition for the Coronation of Charles III, and this is also expected to be popular with schools.

Besides the work of sending Bibles in this way, in July the auxiliary was able to secure a place in Trafalgar Square to distribute Bibles in many languages to the many foreign visitors and to Londoners whose first language is not English, along with a variety of English Authorised Version Scriptures.

Although auxiliaries obtain their materials for distribution at cost price, there is still a substantial expense. Thanks to the Lord was given, that nevertheless there had been a remarkable provision of sufficient funds to cover all the orders received. Prayer was requested that the Lord will continue to provide both opportunities for new grants and the means to fulfil them as He causes the work, especially in the schools, to grow. The auxiliary is actively looking to reach into other areas of London and other types of establishments as the Lord leads.

If readers would like to receive updates of the work of the auxiliary or of an auxiliary nearer their home they may contact the TBS via the website www.tbsbibles.org, by telephone (020) 8543 7857, or by writing to Trinitarian Bible Society, William Tyndale House, 29 Deer Park Road, London SW19 3NN, England.