Methodist Confessing Movement in USA Has Closed Offices

Methodist Confessing Movement in USA has Closed

New Global Methodist Church Needs No Renewing

Theological conservatives in the United Methodist Church in the USA has closed the doors on the “Confessing Movement” now that the split between liberals and conservatives has been finalised.

Begun in 1994, The Confessing Movement gave American theological conservatives a caucus to support and rally around as the country’s second largest Protestant denomination was locked in internal conflict over whether to follow the Spirit of the Age or the Spirit of Christ.

The United Methodist Church was a global denomination and the majority of its members were from theologically conservative Third World nations.  A decision at their Quadrennial General Convention to allow local congregations to keep their properties and endowments and decide for themselves whether to stay with the liberals or conservatives made the split much easier.

The conservative congregations are now members of the Global Methodist Church.

Patricia Miller former Executive Director of the Confessing Movement told the Christian Post, 

“We feel that our goal has been accomplished. We believe, with the launching of the Global Methodist Church, our goal for a faithful denomination has been met.

“Our goal has been to bring the United Methodist Church into a faithfulness with our doctrine, with our belief about Jesus Christ the Son, Savior and Lord. And so, now, the Global Methodist Church is faithful to that. So, the Global Methodist Church does not need a renewal group.

“We believe our ministry has been completed with the Global Methodist Church,” she added. “I don’t want it to sound like we’ve given up. I just think we need to be clear that we’ve accomplished a goal that needed to be accomplished.”

One of the lay leaders within the former United Methodist Church, Mark Tooley, who is also the President of the Institute on Religion & Democracy, told the Christian Post, “The renewal movement is no longer attempting to renew the old denomination but instead is now focused on helping exiting congregations and build a new traditional Methodism for the future,” he continued.“The Confessing Movement played a vital role in preserving traditional Methodism as a community within the UMC during difficult decades. We’re grateful for their legacy, which will live on through Global Methodism and other outlets.”