Bishops of Carlisle Diocese Differentiate from Majority

Bishops of Carlisle Diocese Differentiate from Majority

The Bishops in Carlisle Diocese, Bishop James Newcome, and suffragan Bishop Rob Saner-Haigh, of Penrith, have written a joint pastoral letter to Carlisle diocesan clergy, clarifying their position on the College of Bishops’ proposals.

“Many of you will know that, as bishops in this diocese, we hold a traditional view of Holy Matrimony and that we have argued for this.

“We are also committed to holding a church together which is broad and generous, where there is space for disagreement and wrestling with how to follow Jesus Christ today.

“This wrestling, and the often difficult conflict that results, is part of what it is to be the church, a diverse and sometimes argumentative family committed to one another because we share a hope in the Saviour, Lord and friend who calls us to love one another.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Cumbria, Bishop Newcome spoke about the ‘considerable degree of disagreement amongst the bishops’ of the Church of England. When asked if he would use the bishops’ proposed prayers of blessing, he stated, “I will not be using them.”