Bishop of Coventry Calls Police on General Synod Member

Bishop of Coventry Calls Police on General Synod Member

The Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth, reported a General Synod Member from his diocese to the police for his public stand against the revisionist moral positions being pushed from that wing of the Church of England. This in spite of his consecration vows that require him to “banish and drive away all strange and erroneous doctrine.”

Margrave, a former Labour Councillor, has been relentless in his opposition to the open defiance of the Canons A5 and B5 which explain the actual doctrinal positions of the Church of England.

After Cocksworth reported him to the police, Margrave gave a statement to the press.  He said, 

“I am shocked, appalled and deeply hurt that the Bishop and diocese has resorted to reporting me to the police and has essentially thrown me under the bus.

“For standing against the sexualisation of children and the secularisation of the CofE, I have been repeatedly harassed and threatened. The impact on my well-being has been immense and the people in the Church who should be supporting me the most have closed ranks against me.

“I believe the CofE has been politically infiltrated by Stonewall and others. The promotion of Queer Theory, the acceptance of Pride flags, and now reporting any vocal opposition to the police, bares all the hallmarks of Stonewall and a repressive regime that wants to silence biblical truth at any cost.

“All I have wanted was to protect children and give a voice to parents by standing against the sexualisation and grooming of children, which was part of the manifesto I was elected on.

“I don’t hate anyone, this is not about hate, it has always been about truth and bringing positive change to the CofE.

“There is no natural justice and no complaints process within the Church to look at these matters. I’ve been bullied for representing people, and especially parents, in the diocese who have raised concerns with me.

“Many people who have attacked me are unable to distinguish between homosexual people and LGBTQ pride. They are two separate things. There are many people with same sex attraction who are totally opposed to what happens at Pride parades. One of the stated aims of the ‘Pride’ movement is to celebrate a wide variety of sexual lifestyles, which are diametrically opposed to Christian sexual ethics and doctrine of the Church of England.

“Anyone who attends a ‘Pride’ event risks being exposed to obscenities. That is self-evidently harmful for children and in a free, responsible and truly loving society we must be free to say that and raise concern without fear.

“It appears you simply cannot challenge or question Queer Theory and Pride events without serious consequences and even threats to your life.

“The C of E should be supporting me in raising this, not reporting me to the police. The C of E is supposed to be a prophetic voice on issues of morality, but instead they are aggressively siding with the world rather than scripture.

“I could cave into the pressure and go quiet, but I believe it will be more harmful if I do not speak out on what has happened and how I have been treated.”