High-Flyer Ozanne Pleads Poverty Equality Campaigner Abadons Equality

High Flyer Ozanne Pleads Poverty
Equality Campaigner Abandons Equality in Favour of Comfort

Ex-evangelical homosexual campaigner Jayne Ozanne sought a freebie of over £1700 on her recent flight to Australia. In a public tweet to Qantas on February 13th, she requested a free upgrade from the airline, on the basis that she was an LGBT campaigner with a sore knee: “Dear @Qantas, I wonder if I can ask for your help please? I’m travelling from London to Perth on Friday to speak at #WorldPride but there’s no way, as a #LGBT rights campaigner, I can afford to bid $3000 for an upgrade! I’ve very bad knee & could really do with some help pls, thx”.

She rallied her own charity, The Ozanne Foundation, to the cause. “Dear @Qantas – this is our Director, pls help her, thank you” read their tweeted plea. Ms Ozanne then used the publicity generated to make an appeal for funds to the Foundation: “It would be wonderful if people could consider supporting my @OzanneFoundn  please – we have very few donors & are very short of funds, especially as I have zero time to fundraise”.

Last year, the Ozanne Foundation received £177,500 income, including £137,500 from Government funds to run a conference at the Foreign Office promoting progressive theology to Global South church leaders. Ms Ozanne is in Australia for a speaking tour across the nation, ending with an appearance at World Pride Conference at the beginning of March.

Another former evangelical, Steve Chalke, gave Ozanne’s upgrade campaign his support. He retweeted her original posting, with the request, “Dear @Qantas Please help #comeoutforlove”.

Alas, Qantas were not moved, even at these eloquent words from such a luminary, and neither was the Ozanne Foundation inundated with the required funds in time. Poor Jayne had to sit with the common people in economy. Still, she put a brave face on it. “Spoilt rotten by @Qantas… they looked after us superbly” read her final tweet on the matter.

It appears that for Plane Jayne, some equality campaigners are more equal than others.