ReNew Members from Southwark & London Meet

ReNew Members from Southwark and London Meet

Clerical and lay members of ReNew met on Monday, 20 March at a St Nicholas’ Church, Tooting for planning.  The meeting was led by Brian O’Donoghue, Operations Director of ReNew and GAFCON Chairman, Archbishop Foley Beach.

There were 50-70 members, both clergy and laity, present.  The meeting was in preparation for anticipated possible changes as a result of General Synod’s decision to bless same-sex blessing at the last meeting.  

Those gathered heard strong words not normally associated with Church of England discourse.

O’Donoghue told those gathered, “The problem with LLF is that it is causing God’s word to be challenged.”  He then said, “This is the Church of England pressing the self-destruct button.”

Those gathered then heard that they were to, “Guard the gospel, contend for the gospel, protect the gospel, and engage in long-term planning.”

The meeting was then told, “If we do nothing, do not be surprised what happens is what you fear.”