Fact is Stranger Than Fiction

Fact is Stranger than Fiction

Honorary doctorates were announced by the University of Helsinki on 20 March. A total of thirty were awarded by the various faculties at the institution.

Perhaps the most surprising was that the Faculty of Theology chose to award an Honorary Doctorate to no less than Greta Thunberg.  She was awarded the honour for her activism.  There is little doubt that Dr Thunberg will be more annoying than the poorly educated teenage climate change activist who garnered attention by non-stop melodramatic public pronouncements on the subject.

The Faculty of Theology has announced they will confer eight honorary doctorates on 9 June.  The other recipients have a long track record of real achievement in religious endeavours and higher education.  

Riho Altnurme, is a Professor of Church History, Vice-Dean for Research, Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Tartu.

Mario Immonen, MA, Director of the Department of World Service, Lutheran World Federation.

Mia Lovheim, Professor of the Sociology of Religion, Uppsala University.

Munib Younan is Bishop Emeritus, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, and former President of the Lutheran World Federation.

Annabel Brett, Professor, Co-director of Cambridge Centre for Political Thought, University of Cambridge.

Grace Davie, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Exeter.

Philip Esler, Professor, Portland Chair in New Testament Studies, at the University of Gloucestershire.