Northern Ireland Ministry Assembly Conference Set

Northern Ireland Ministry Assembly Conference Set

The Northern Ireland Ministry Assembly will feature Rupert Bentley-Taylor at its 2023 Conference to be held on Tuesday 9 May.   The conference will be held at the T3 Conference Centre at House of Vic Ryn, Lisburn.  It will commence at 09:30 and conclude at 15:00.

Bentley-Taylor’s address is entitled, “What Matters Most, The Message of 2 Peter.”

What Matters Most is the title for our day as we work through 2 Peter in three sessions. The letter opens with references to divine power, divine glory and divine promises and concludes with an exhortation to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. In between Peter establishes the connection between godliness and eternal life in that you can’t have the one if you reject the other.

His emphasis for his talks will be: 1. Grow in Knowing the Son of God; 2. Trust in the Word of God; and, 3. Live for the Day of the Lord.

Admission is £15. That price includes coffee, tea, and scones but lunch can be either brought or purchased at the cafe at the complex.