What to Make of the Govenment’s Net Zero Chart

What to Make of the Government’s Net Zero Chart

CO2 Comprises 0.04% of Earth’s Atmosphere

You may be wondering why the English Churchman of all publications is reproducing the half page chart on the government’s plans for meeting Net-Zero goals.  Lest anyone think we are making up the information, go to this link: https://www.repository.cam.ac.uk/bitstream/handle/1810/299414/REP_Absolute_Zero_V3_20200505.pdf to view the chart inside the official report.

Carbon dioxide comprises 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere.

The reason is quite simple, we all hear and read about Net-Zero from the State affiliated media as well as most of their media based ideological cohorts but few have seen a visual-aid to bring it all into some semblance of context.  

The Government has decreed that the UK will be Net-Zero by 2050.  Look closely at the chart.  All airports will be closed and no shipping will be allowed.  No more holidays abroad.  Tourism would be done.  When was the UK last able to produce all of its own food?

The Archbishops have committed the Church of England to Net-Zero by 2030.

No cunning plans have been put forth by the climate change boffins at Lambeth Palace.  They are behind the governmental bureaucracy by at least a score of years.

It remains to be seen how could the Association of English Cathedrals see their fundraising goals being met if people could no longer fly or drive distances to see the buildings in person?  Will tourism be restricted to a Sabbath’s walk?

How will our big stone church buildings be heated?  Will the congregations huddle together, letting collective body heat replace central heating?  Or, will they just stay home and wait to die?

In Leicester Diocese—how will its Minster Model of ministry work if the clergy cannot have access to vehicles with internal combustion engines? How else can they to their five a Sunday Holy Communion Services?  Given that the parishes are spread out, they will not be able to take horses because horses have to have metal horseshoes and without fossil fuels and without a trained force of blacksmiths, they will be stuck.  There is always the possibility of the Archbishop calling for clergy to travel by sedan chair but given there is no uniformity in the size of clergy, it would be difficult to keep a proper team of chairmen fit and ready to convey their charges over the miles required.

All of this is because CO2 comprises 0.04% (400 ppm) of the earth’s atmosphere. If CO2 is so bad for the climate, why do green houses buy CO2 generators to increase plant growth?  A quick look on Amazon.co.uk shows their range is priced between £410 – £622.  Larger units are available from other vendors.

Read that big chart carefully so you know what our betters have in store for us and be prepared for what it is still to come from the Church.