Responses to Welby’s Dethroning by Other Denominations

Responses to Welby’s ‘Dethroning’ by Other Denominations

Some of the practical aspects of the recent worldwide Anglican conference in Rwanda are yet to be experienced.  The English Churchman wrote to some of the other denominations and asked how that the Archbishops’ dethroning would impact on their inter-denominational relations.  Only the FIEC answered.  

The response by Joel Murray on behalf of the FIEC was clear.

“It’s’s up to individual FIEC churches. They sign their agreement to our Ethos Statement relating to Gospel Unity on an annual basis which makes clear that while FIEC churches cannot be members of a Churches Together group with others that would not affirm the central truths of our Doctrinal Basis. Outside of this, the statement is clear that the leaders of Independent churches can use their discretion when deciding who to enjoy gospel partnership with in their community.”

Biblically faithful local congregations will continue to enjoy fraternal fellowship.

These are yet early days but it would be safe to presuppose that liberal denominations that have already adopted same-sex marriages will continue to go on as normal.  They do not practise church discipline on such matters within their own ranks so it is unlikely that they will honour the discipline set out by the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans.  

What is not known is the likely response by the Bishop of Rome or the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Churches.  Of the Big Three historical denominations, only the Lutherans of the Porvoo Communion (Scandinavian)  are in agreement with the proposed blessings of same-sex relationships.