Letter to the Editor: Called to Share the Gospel

Letter to the Editor

Called to Share the Gospel

The people of God are called to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is why we are here on earth. The purpose of the Christian on earth is not to reform the world and “fix” the world’s problems. Our function in the world is not political, not social, not financial, but is spiritual. Our calling is the proclamation of the Gospel. The issues in the world are not the real issues we need to be tackling and facing. Sadly, so many Christian people think that if they could just reform society then we would be fine. There are so many Christians today that are active in the political arena who think that they can make the world a better place by political means.

Whoever is the leader of your country is not the final word. Yes, Christians should be a voice for righteousness and truth in the nation, but we ought to avoid having close intimacy with politics and not allow it to control our thinking to the point whereby it overtakes Biblical matters. The Christian who devotes a lot of time and becomes deeply entangled in politics is on a slippery path. God is in control. He appoints rulers. We should not look to politics to solve matters. The solution is the Gospel. We ought to focus on pointing the lost to the Saviour and not to the ballot box. We ought to promote trust in the Lord, and not trust in man. It is far better to trust in God than in anything else. No nation ever was blessed by a change of political leadership but by a change in heart, mind, and soul. It is the Gospel that will save nations and souls.

Whatever happens in political negotiations, agreements, and talks does not change the eternal destiny of men and women. Now, I am not saying that politics does not matter, of course, it is an important part of society. What I am saying is that I believe Christian people should not devote a great deal of their time to politics. Politics is not our battle to fight, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

As Christian men and women, we ought to spend our time and efforts on far better and higher things than politics. Our time would be spent far wiser if we devoted ourselves to prayer, Bible study, and evangelism. Our time on earth is short and getting shorter every day. Make sure you don’t waste your time. Each passing hour is given by God’s grace. We will never get back the time we have wasted. Use your time wisely.


Nathan A. Hughes