Letter: Disappointing Archbishop of Canterbury


Disappointing Archbishop of Canterbury



First I would like to thank the Editor and the various contributors who provide thoughtful and biblically accurate articles for the English Churchman.

These provide a greater degree of insight into the backgrounds and machinations of liberalist factions who seek to promote departures from Biblical teaching and theology. In particular the House of Bishops (HoBs) of the Church of England who have persistently pursued an increasingly comprehensive liberalist agenda for several decades.

The developments arising from the Synod earlier this year where the HoBs sought to impose their agenda to implement the provisions of the LLF document were ably placed into perspective by Martin Davie in his recent article “The Bishops and the principle of Non-Contradiction” May 2023 (mbarrattdavie.wordpress.com).

Recent headlines reporting the manner of the response of the Archbishop of Canterbury (ABC) to the manner in which the Archbishop of Uganda (ABU)welcomed recent legislation in that country concerning the issues of homosexuality and LGBTQ people (Church Times, 09 June 2023) have served to reinforce the logic of Martin Davie and the Principle of Non-contradiction.

It was disappointing that ABC does not appear to refer to any relevant biblical teaching in his approach to ABU but by seemingly concentrating on the secular aspects of potential criminality. Has he missed an opportunity to refer to the grace and forgiveness of sins by our Lord God and support the ABU and his fellow Anglicans in their efforts to promote faithful teaching and biblical truths to their fellow Ugandans?

However, I wonder if faithful Anglicans around the world will be surprised at this turn of events in the light of the earlier convolutions of the ABC and the HoBs this year and the potential for further gyrations next month at what may well become a circus.

With my prayers 

  1. for you and your team long may your efforts continue to be appreciated
  2. for Anglicans throughout the world and in particular those members of the Church of England seeking to serve their Lord in England.



Hugh Davis