Anglican Jurisdictions in UK

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Anglican Jurisdictions Within the United Kingdom

One aspect of the current ecclesiastical climate is the growing number of Anglican jurisdictions operating within the United Kingdom. Here’s a breakdown to help keep things straight.\

In Direct Communion with Canterbury

Church of England

Church of Ireland 

Church in Wales 

Episcopal Church of Scotland

Church of North India*

Church of South India*

Nigerian Chaplaincy*

Free Church of England

The groups with the asterisk by their names are congregations that are working with the C of E but represent their native constituencies.  The Free Church of England split from the C of E in 1844 but has since seen the relationship restored to some degree.  

Anglican Works Not in Direct Communion with Canterbury in the United Kingdom

GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures Conference) was formed in 2008.  Formed as a reaction against the consecration of a practicing partnered homosexual as a bishop in the Episcopal Church USA, GAFCON member provinces account for 70% of the world’s Anglican Christians.  There are four groups affiliated with GAFCON with works in the UK and Europe.   The ACNA is the jurisdiction that formed as the various extra-mural Anglican jurisdictions began to coalesce in the wake of the turmoil within the Episcopal Church USA since 2000.  

Bishop Andy Lines (former Director of Cross-Links UK) is under the authority of the GAFCON Presiding Bishop.  At present, that is The Most Revd Foley Beach of the Anglican Church in North America. On Monday, 22 February 2021 a Commissioning Service was held online via Zoom to inaugurate the Anglican Convocation in Europe.  Many senior episcopal clergy from within GAFCON Provinces sent video fraternal greetings and support.

GAFCON affiliated jurisdictions operating within the UK are as follows:

Anglican Network in Europe (the umbrella jurisdiction under ACNA)

Anglican Convocation in Europe (Does ordain women)

Anglican Mission in England (Does not ordain women)

Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church (REACH) 

Bishop Lines oversees ANiE, ACE, and AMiE.  Bishop Jonathan Pryke oversees REACH which is connected with REACH South Africa.  It was formerly known as the Church of England, South Africa (CESA).