Comparisons & Contrasts

4: Bible Study & Meditation

We often speak of Bible study; but less about its meditation? 

We might draw these comparisons: –

Bible Study – informs the mind by acquiring knowledge. It enlightens it for what needs to be known. Meditation motivates the mind, by enquiring how best to use that knowledge. In so doing, it inwardly digests what has been learnt.

Meditation is not day-dreaming. It ponders God’s Word, and examines it from every angle, marvelling at its many facets. 

It is clear from Scripture that meditation is ongoing. Psalm 119:97 says: “O how I love thy law! It is my meditation all the day.” So the Psalmist actively reflects on what he has learnt as he meets the day’s challenges. That is akin to wisdom putting learning into practice, rather than being wise after the event. 

Psalm 119:98 says: “Thou by thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies; for they are ever with me.” And the Psalmist adds: “I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation.” That is startling and rightly so; for these are demanding days. 


“When quiet in my house I sit,

Thy Book be my companion still,

My joy Thy sayings to repeat,

Talk o’er the records of Thy will,

And search the oracles Divine,

Till every heartfelt word be mine.” 

                                                                        Charles Wesley, 1707-88


Read: Psalm 119:97-104