For Difficult to Find Books

For Difficult to Find Books

If we were to do a survey of the readership of the English Churchman readers, it is likely to be there are two characteristics held by almost all; 1.) self-identify as a Christian; and, 2.) self-identify as a reader.

Whilst there are book shops all over the UK, there are two that seem to have a wealth of reformed and Protestant works.  They are Pendleburys and Gowan Books.  

Several years ago, Pendleburys relocated from North London to Wales.  Their website says there are over 26,000 books in the shop to choose from.  In recent times, they have started carrying a wider range of books, but they still have plenty of hard-to-find Christian titles.

Gowan Books is almost hidden away in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland but it is a veritable treasure trove of difficult to find Christian publications.  Mr Gowan knows his stock and is easily accessible by phone, even during lockdown. 

Both stores allow you to search and buy from them online.