Lamentation of a Sinner

The Lamentation of a Sinner

This is taken from the short book, The Lamentation of a Sinner.  It was written by the late Queen of England, Katherine Parr (1512-1548), widow of King Henry VIII.  She had a lively faith and published the book the year after Henry’s death. 

“I professed Christ in my baptism when I began to live but as life continued, I swerved from Him even as an unbaptised heathen.  Christ was innocent and void of all sin; and I wallowed in filthy sin and was free from no sin.  Christ was obedient unto His Father, even to the death of the cross; and I disobedient and most stubborn, even to the confusion of truth.  Christ was innocent.  Christ was meek and humble in heart; and I most proud and vainglorious.  Christ despised the world with all its vanities; and because of the vanities, I made it my God.  Christ came to serve His brethren; and I desired to rule over them.  Christ despised worldly honour; and I much delighted to attain it.  Christ loved the base and simple things of the world and I esteemed the most fair and pleasant things.  Christ loved poverty; and I loved wealth.  Christ was gentle and merciful to the poor, and I, hard-hearted and ungentle.  Christ prayed for his enemies; and I hated mine.  Christ rejoiced in the conversion of sinners; and I was not grieved to see them return to their sin.

By this declaration, all may understand how far I was from Christ, and without Christ: yes, how contrary to Christ, although I bore the name of a Christian.  So much that, if any man had said I had been without Christ, I would have rigidly opposed them.  And yet, I neither knew Christ, nor why He came.  As concerning the effect and purpose of His coming, I had a certain vain, blind knowledge, both cold and dead, which may be had with all sin: as plainly true based on this my confession and open declaration.”