Letter To the Editor – Government

Dear Editor,

Readers may appreciate the relevance of the following comments by Bishop Ryle in his Expository Thoughts on John 18:36 (Volume 3 page 274):

“No government can expect to prosper which refuses to recognise religion, which deals with its subjects as if they had no souls, and cares not whether they serve God, or Baal, or no God at all. Such a government will find, sooner or later, that its line of policy is suicidal, and damaging to its best interests.”

While mild compared with the lashings issued to the Jews by her prophets and Messiah, Ryle’s remark should goad us on to more and more earnest prayer for our beloved nation.

With warmest regards in Christ,

Rev Dr John M Brentnall
Swanick, Derbyshire