Letter to the Editor Hate Crime Law

Letter to the Editor

Regarding the new ‘Hate Crime Law’ proposed in Scotland, which is reported to define, “Religious phobias as hate crime”;  I ask, “Is the Westminster Parliament supreme in the United Kingdom?” If the answer is, “Yes it is,” then why is a lesser authority within the United Kingdom, that is the Scottish Parliament, being allowed to overthrow the Westminster Parliament’s explicit 2006 ruling on ‘Freedom of Religious Speech’ in the United Kingdom?

       Having worked as an engineer in a local authority in the United Kingdom for 48 years it was our understanding that the County Council could not pass a local by-law that overthrew the provisions and clauses of a law passed by a higher authority, such as the Westminster Parliament. And for example, when we were under EU law the Westminster Parliament could not overthrow EU laws.

       It was a Scottish man, Lord Mackay of Clashfern, who proposed the ‘Freedom of Speech’ clause in the “Religious Hatred Bill,” that was passed in the Westminster Parliament on 31 January 2006. Scottish M.P.s had a full democratic role in those proceedings in the Westminster Parliament. Therefore why does the devolved Scottish Parliament now think they can overthrow the Westminster Parliament, which upheld ‘Freedom of Religious Speech’ in Britain? Surely, for 15 years up until now, the ‘Freedom of Religious Speech’ clause has applied in Scotland as it has applied in England, Wales and Northern Ireland? Can the Scottish Parliament pass law to cancel law passed by the Westminster Parliament?

       There is nothing more important to any people than their basic human freedoms. When any government makes deliberate moves to remove the ‘Freedom of Speech’ of its subjects, the people who put that government into power should immediately use all democratic means at their disposal to remove that government from power at the earliest opportunity possible. For Christians, our most important freedom is to preach what the Bible says. If Christians do not speak up on this, make no mistake these pressure groups in Scotland ‘hate’ the Bible so much they relish getting Christians criminalised with up to 7 years in jail for expressing their Christian beliefs. 


Roland R. Parsons.