Letter to the Editor RS on WO


The article by Rev Alan McCann [EC 8073] Three New Evangelical Bishops for Ireland poses questions about the theology of those ministering within the Church of Ireland and the authority of Holy Scripture. 

The Church of Ireland’s first woman bishop, Pat Storey, was consecrated as Bishop of Meath and Kildare on November 30th, 2013 and currently 20% of clergy in the Church of Ireland are women. Whilst one welcomes the reality that these Bishops believe in regeneration and the new birth, one wonders why they accept ‘political correctness’ and refuse to follow scripture on the ordination of women?

Whilst acknowledging the efforts of GAFCON yet it must be stated that as one holds firmly to the authority of Holy Scripture, the ordination of women to ministry cannot be defended. Our Lord Jesus Christ did not appoint female apostles. Whilst showing deep respect and love for women, he gave no position of prominence to a woman. Even Mary, His mother, was committed, from the cross, to the care and oversight of the Apostle John. 

This clearly is followed by the Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 2 v 12 where it is stated ‘women must 

not exercise authority over men.’ There is no distinction in equality regarding salvation but there is in roles and ministry and that cannot be overlooked. Let us return to the Word of God as the reformers did to the glory of God. Their cry being, SEMPER REFORMANDA [always reforming]. It is our prayer that the Church of Ireland, indeed all reformed churches would follow the headship principle for the glory of God. Otherwise chaos will result because we are following the way of sinful men.

Yours etc,

Raymond Stewart