Letters to the Editor – Vital evangelical witness


CBR NI continues to make vital evangelical witness for the life of the Unborn child throughout
Northern Ireland and very recently some 250 ministers signed a Petition calling upon MLA’s in the Northern Ireland Assembly to prioritise this matter of life and death.

The Petition calls upon MLA’s to withdraw from the Executive if the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland continues to impose commissioning of Abortion regulations in NI.

The witness of CBR NI at Abortion clinics in Belfast, Craigavon, and Coleraine, continues on a weekly basis and indeed in towns throughout Northern Ireland, twice monthly with our displays and gospel witness through preaching on Saturdays, reaching out to educate and evangelise the lost.

Ultimately the gospel is the only answer and CBR [Centre For Bioethical Reform]Northern Ireland was established in early 2020 just prior to Abortion being de-criminalised here. Essentially we are Bible believing Christians who believe in bringing the truth revealed in God’s word into conflict with the evils of the age and the worldly wisdom of man. We are evangelicals with no Roman Catholic participation in any of our activities.
Whilst the pro-life movement generally will argue that Abortion is wrong because it causes pain, stops a beating heart, or betrays women, we maintain that it is wrong because it violates the image of God. We affirm that the Creator of the Universe became a man in order to rescue mankind from sin, death and eternal separation from God.

We have been engaged in lobbying evangelical churches throughout Northern Ireland very recently and currently have active support within the Presbyterian Church, Baptist churches and Reformed Presbyterian Churches. The Ulster Newsletter has recently reported of our decision to fight the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in a legal challenge opposing the Westminster decision to impose Abortion upon Northern Ireland. This case which will if necessary be fought up to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, is supported financially by SPUC.

What alarms us most are the liberal attitudes within some DUP members and many members
of the UUP where the latter has MLA’s in the Stormont Assembly who promote Abortion.
Such for us is grievous and a tragedy.

R Stewart