Reformed and Protestant Online Resources for Lockdown

Reformed and Protestant Online Resources for Lockdown

An easily overlooked treasure is found on YouTube.  The Revd Dr Ashley Null, noted Anglican Reformation scholar, spoke on the Faith of the Book of Common Prayer at the inaugural lecture of the Clive West Memorial Trust series at All Saints, Belfast in 2018.  His hour- long presentation is a tour de force.  Watch it and take notes.  It would be particularly helpful to seminary students or the interested layman.

Ligonier Ministries has an abundance of Reformed and Protestant video lectures both on the ministry’s website and on YouTube.  The late Revd Drs RC Sproul and John Gerstner feature on many of the offerings.

Church Society has a very expansive online collection of mainly written offerings available.  If you are looking for something historical, their collection will not disappoint.  

The sermon archives of All Souls’, Langham Place is probably not surpassed for holding audio recordings of all the greatest evangelical Anglican speakers since World War II.  The search facility is remarkable. You can look up sermons according to speaker or biblical passage.