Statute of Limitations Proposed for Legacy of Troubles

Statute of Limitations Proposed for Legacy of the Troubles During the Prime Minister’s Question time on 15 July, PM Johnson announced that the government would be bringing forth a statute of limitations in regard to occurencess committed before the Good Friday...

Church of England Considering Legislation Regarding Parishes Seeking Input on Proposals

Church of England Considering Legislation Regarding Parishes Seeking Input on Proposals   Input has been requested on the proposals to change the current legislation regarding parishes within the Church of England.  The review of the Mission and Pastoral Measure...

GAFCON Australia to Support Diocese for Those Forced from Anglican Church of Australia

GAFCON Australia to Support Diocese for Those Forced from Anglican Church of Australia Gafcon Australia has outlined its plan to support Anglicans who leave the Anglican Church of Australia over doctrinal revision which overturns the plain teaching of Scripture. At an...

Church of England Evangelical Council Reacts to Unorthodox Remarks by Bp of Liverpool

Church of England Evangelical Council Reacts to Unorthodox Remarks by Bishop of Liverpool The Church of England Evangelical Council has responded to a widely criticised public address and subsequent apology made last month by the Rt Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop of...

Questions Out of LFF, Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir, I read the first article from Anglican Futures, regarding the document, Living In Love and Faith, [LLF] EC 8083. I found the article helpful, well presented and gives a clear overview of the document.  However, I found myself seriously disquieted and I raise...

Kenyan Bishop Appeals for Orphan Aid: Parental Deaths Due to HIV

Kenyan Bishop Appeals for Orphan Aid Parental Deaths Due to HIV  The Rt Revd John Orina Omangi, Bishop of the Kisii Missionary District in Eastern Kenya is appealing for assistance in caring for 100 children orphaned by the widespread HIV problem in the area.  Kisii...

Christianity & Craft Freemasonry, A Pastoral Guide for Christian Ministers

Christianity and Craft Freemasonry A Pastoral Guide for Christian Ministers Gerard Moate Latimer Trust, 2021 (ISBN: 9781906327705, 70pp) By 1964 a national commission of enquiry estimated the existence of 50,000 books and pamphlets on freemasonry. This literature has,...

Forgotten Reformer: Myles Coverdale

Forgotten Reformer: Miles Coverdale Geoffrey Main Self-published, 2021 (ISBN: 9781916873704, 228pp) Episcopal biographies are always an enjoyable read, not least those of bishops who are better known for their non-episcopal work. Coverdale is of course best known for...

And Just When You Thought You’d Heard Everything, Bats Communications Officer

Whilst considering reducing the number of clergy nationwide, the Church of England is advertising for someone to be employed as its, “Bats in Churches Communications Officer”.  The post, which is located in London, pays between £31,857 and £34,255 (pro rata).  The...

Pilgrim’s Proces: Baptism Depths of Meaning by Peter Sanlon

In my last column we looked at the Lord’s Supper.  Today, we take a look at the other sign our Lord Jesus instituted among us.  These signs, or sacraments, which God gives his people are both simple and profound. In their simplicity, God's grace is powerfully...

The Puritans: a Transatlantic History



The Puritans: a Transatlantic History 

David D. Hall 


ISBN 9780691151397 


Not just ‘another book on the Puritans’. Rather, a book on the Puritans that tells you what others don’t.  

So why is it different? For one thing, it is comprehensive in scope and not limited as many books on Puritanism are. Hall seeks to tell the Puritan story in chronological order from the 1530s to 1662. For another, it has an entire chapter on Scotland; thirty one pages that mention a multitude of matters from the Golden Act to the covenants.  

Further, there are Anglican and Presbyterian Puritans as well as Irish and American Puritans. Truly comprehensive in scope. There are of course the usual rogues and troublesome characters such as Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams.  

In addition, we are treated to a wealth of biographical and theological details. Hall takes us through the various nuances, differences and controversies that sometimes engulfed Puritanism.  

Hall rightly slays all the caricatures that abound in reaction to the Puritans showing us that they were a race of people dedicated to serving God both personally and collectively. Consider Lucy Hutchinson (d.1681) who records that before the 1640s ‘puritan’ was not a label that she or her husband (who died in 1663) would have acknowledged. However, their experience of war prompted her to embrace it as a name for her husband’s ethics.  

It is gratifying that Hall does attempt to apply (or not apply) the term to the right people. Thus the Anabaptists are not puritans. 

There are some surprising comments. When Hall discusses the law, he alleges, regarding the law imposed upon ancient Israel, that most of it was irrelevant for Christians. This is wholly incorrect. Were Hall to read the Larger Catechism on the Moral Law he would see differently. Another comment occurs under providence where he refers to a ‘Christianised folklore of wonders and portents’. Hall also adopts the politically correct term   ‘humankind ’. 

There are 130 pages of endnotes. These are a must-read, where there is a wealth of additional material, snippets and other gems. 

Given the wealth of material some readers may find it all exhausting. It is however an outstanding work and deserves the widest readership. It will surely become a reference work for many.  

Rev E T Kirkland